Bonus and Award Policy


Bonus and Award Policy

Credos d.o.o. (“the Company”)  offers a number of unique promotions to its new and existing clients (“the Client” or “you”). Bonuses, promotions and/or financial incentives (“Award(s)”) offered to the Client are part of the Company’s promotional program. These Awards are limited time offers to which the below terms and conditions apply in relation to the relevant Client account (“Account”):

  1. Award rules acceptance – before accepting any Award offer, the Client must read this Bonus and Award Policy and the particular terms and conditions associated with the Award as, on occasion, both may be amended. By placing a trade in the Account, the Client confirms acceptance of the Award.  


  1. Trading the Award – the funds that you deposit into the Account are used before the Award funds. For example, if you have deposited $300 and received an Award of $100 to your Account, when you open a position, the funds you deposited will be the first to be used. Therefore, if you lose $300, unless you have satisfied the below trading requirements to enable you to withdraw your Award, there will be no remaining funds that are  eligible for withdrawal from the Account. For more information please contact Customer Support.


  1. Volume Terms – 
    3.1 Withdrawal – 
    3.1.1 In order to be eligible to withdraw the Award, you must execute a minimum trading volume of $10,000 for every dollar awarded by the Company (e.g. if you receive a $100 Award will be required to meet a minimum trading volume of $1,000,000). 
    3.1.2 If you withdraw any funds from your Account prior to meeting the required trading volume, the total Award will be deducted from your Account. Your trading volume starts to be counted from the date that you receive the Award into your Account.

    3.2 Profit –

    3.2.1 If you receive an Award that amounts to a sum between 15% and 30% of the deposit into your Account, you will be required to satisfy a trading volume of 2,000 times the Award sum in order to be able to withdraw profits 
    3.2.2 If you receive an Award over 30% of the deposit into your Account, you will be required to satisfy a trading volume of 3,000 times the Award sum in order to be able to withdraw profits.
    3.2.3 If you have received an Award that is not subject to a deposited amount, then you will be required to satisfy a trading volume of 10,000 times the Award amount in the Account in order to be able to withdraw profits.


  1. Time Terms – 

    4.1 Timeframe – You have 60 days, from the date of receipt of the Award (“Timeframe”), to satisfy the aforementioned Volume Conditions. 
    4.2 Expiration – Once the timeframe has expired, the Account shall be adjusted in accordance with the deposits you have made.


  1. Account Terms – 

    5.1 You are prohibited from opening multiple accounts with the Company for the sole purpose of benefiting more than one Award, and any duplicate accounts may be closed without notice. In such an event the Company shall recall any Award you have been granted, any earnings will be forfeited and any sum you have deposited in the Account will be returned to you accordingly.


  1. Opt out -You are not obliged to accept any Award offered by the Company; all Awards are optional and you  may choose not to accept an Award. In such an event, you will not be bound to the terms relating to Awards. If you mistakenly accept an Award, you must refrain from trading in the Account and must notify the Customer Support within 5 working days of mistakenly accepting the Award. In such an event, the Company will remove the Award from your account and you shall not be held to the Award terms.


  1. Miscellaneous – 

    7.1 Any abusive or improper trading, that contravenes the Company’s Client Retail Agreement terms and conditions, will cause the Award to be rescinded or not awarded, and may also cause your Account to be frozen.
    7.2 No delay or failure to exercise any right, remedy or power attained by any party upon any default or breach under this Agreement, shall be considered a waiver of any other default or breach or default previously or subsequently occurring; 
    7.3 If any of the terms of this Agreement are determined invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other terms of this Agreement, and, to that extent, the terms of this Agreement shall be deemed severable;
    7.4 Be aware that once a trading account has been deemed an Inactive Account all Awards may be removed without the provision of prior notice. Please reference the “Inactive and Dormant Accounts” section for further data on Inactive Accounts.