Privacy Policy

From May 22, 2017

Our highest priority is to protect privacy of personal and financial information of our clients.
Please read the following Statement on privacy policy that clearly explains how we, the investment firm CREDOS Ltd. with headquarters in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, tax number (OIB): 21667415955 (hereinafter: CREDOS), collect, process, store, use and safeguard information of our clients.
CREDOS keeps customer data, the balance and transactions in the accounts of clients, the services provided to clients, as well as other data and facts they learn about providing investment services and investment activities and, where appropriate, ancillary services. These data are considered confidential, and CREDOS uses them only when in connection with the provision of investment and ancillary services and investment activities. The relevant data CREDOS not disclose to third parties or allow third parties use them, except in cases specified by this Statement of Privacy Policy. In these cases, data clients are not business secrets. CREDOS notes that data on clients are not business secrets when in the exercise of its supervisory and other public authorities in accordance with the law requiring the Croatian Agency for Supervision of Financial Services, stock market, judicial and administrative authorities.
By creating an account the customer consents to such collection, processing, storage and use of personal data by CREDOS as further explained in this Statement of Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information
CREDOS collects data that is necessary to open, transfer and safekeeping of your assets and your privacy in order to provide services needed. For this purpose, CREDOS collects data primarily from you and in certain circumstances may collect information from relevant credit institutions (banks, etc.) and / or credit agencies and / or other sources CREDOS may find helpful in identifying your needs and benefits in order to providing better services.
The information we collect may include:
1. The data for the application
Personal information provided by you in the application form, such as your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, income and sources of income, etc., all in order to facilitate the assessment of your application. The information you specify is also used for the purpose of communicating with you.
2. The transaction data
Information on the planned volume and value of your transactions with us and information on income in order to establish your financial profile.
3. Information to review
The information that is required to confirm your identity such as identity card, passport or driving license. It also includes background information on you from public sources or from other entities not related to CREDOS.

To provide you with quality services and security, CREDOS processes and uses personal information as issued by this Statement of Privacy Policy. This data helps us to improve customer service, adapt the search experience and allow us to inform you about additional products, services or promotional communications that are relevant to you and to the products and services you need.
If for any reason you do not wish to receive such information, please contact us at the following address Nemčićeva 7, 10000 Zagreb and e-mail address: .
If you do not want provide CREDOS any personal information we may ask, you have to take into consideration possibility that CREDOS will not be able to open your account and provide you with the services requested.
Since we are trying to ensure that all information we have about you are the up to date, correct and complete, please feel free to contact us immediately if any of your personal information changes.

All personal information provided will be treated as confidential and shared only within CREDOS and its subsidiaries, and will not be discloesd to any third party unless required by applicable legislation in the proceedings of the supervisory bodies in the filed of ​​capital markets ( Croatian Agency for Supervision of Financial Services and other competent authorities) or the procedures of judicial and administrative bodies.
Personal information provided regarding your registration as a user are protected in several ways. You can access your Registration Information using your own password. This password is encrypted, and it is known only by you and is not to be revealed to anyone else.
The registration information is safely stored on secure servers that can only be accessed by authorized personnel via password.

CREDOS may share data with partners, affiliates and associations, if it is a reasonable request for the data, in order to:
1)offer additional similar products and services that meet your needs and to be provided in a way that is useful and relevant (only where you have authorized us to do so); and / or
2) to provide the service for your customer account.

Unassigned THIRD PARTY
CREDOS does not sell, license, rent or in any other way does not reveal personal information to third parties except as described in this Statement of Privacy Policy.
CREDOS reserves the right to disclose personal data to government credit agencies to disclose loan obligations and credit reports (HROK, etc.) or to debt collection agencies, if necessary, in accordance to reasonable requests, to provide you with services.
To help us in improving our services, CREDOS may hire a third party as an assistant in the implementation of certain internal functions such as account processing, filling, client service, client satisfaction surveys or other data collection activities relevant to our business. Using shared data can also be used to provide professional, legal or accounting advisory to CREDOS. Using shared data is strictly limited to the above and is not allowed for any other purpose. All third parties CREDOS shares personal information with are required to protect this information in accordance with all relevant regulations in a manner similar to how it is protected by CREDOS. CREDOS will not share personal information with third parties that do not provide required level of client protection.
In case you get in touch with us through an intermediary, the intermediary may have access to your personal data. You hereby unequivocally and clearly consent to sharing such information with the intermediary.
You are aware you may need to transfer data outside the European Economic Area and you consent to such transfer so that we can provide services.

CREDOS reserves the right to disclosure of personal customer data to third parties when they are in accordance with the competent regulatory, judicial and other public authorities in order to protect our rights and / or to comply with such legal proceedings. Such announcement will only happen on need-to-know basis unless other instructions are obtained by regulators or other public authorities. Under such circumstances, CREDOS will explicitly inform the third party regarding confidential information.
Without limiting the foregoing, CREDOS as an investment company based in the Republic of Croatia, must adhere to the intergovernmental agreement between the Croatian and the United States and has taken all reasonable steps that are to be considered in accordance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
Client understands and accepts that CREDOS, as foreign financial institutions (eng. Foreign Financial Institution – FFI) in terms of FATCA, must disclose information regarding any person that has to be reported to the appropriate authorities of the United States, according to the requirements of the application of FATCA. Client may contact CREDOS for additional information and / or clarification prior to signing of this Agreement.

CREDOS is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of websites of the third parties to which CREDOS transfers orders to buy and / or sale financial instruments and does not control the use or protection of information provided by the customer or that these sites collect. Whenever a client decides to connect to the co-branded website or its associated website, the Client can be asked for registration or other information. You should know that such data recorded by third parties and managed by the privacy policy of that third party.
CREDOS uses cookies to secure your trading activities and improve the efficiency of the web site of the orders executor. Cookies used CREDOS not contain personal information or other sensitive information.
CREDOS may share website statistics with reputable advertising companies and their affiliated marketing companies. The information collected by the advertising company is not personally identifiable.
In order to operate and improve the website of orders executor, CREDOS can use a third party to track and analyze usage and statistical volume information. The third party may use cookies to track behavior and may place cookies on behalf CREDOS’s. These cookies do not contain information that can be personally identified.

CREDOS may from time to time update this Statement of Privacy Policy. In case CREDOS significantly changes this Statement on privacy policy, including how to collect, process, preserve and use your personal data, the revised privacy policy statement will be available on the website. The client agrees to accept the placement of such revised Policy Statements Policy electronically on the website as actual notice to the client. Any impugnment to our Statement of privacy policy is subject to this notice and to our Service Agreement TRADES.
CREDOS encourages Clients to periodically check and analyze this policy, in order to always be aware what information CREDOS collects, how uses and to which third party this information can be disclosed.
These Privacy policy shall enter into force on May 22, 2017.


I have read / understood and agree to the terms of this Policy Statement Policy and certify that I have full capacity and authority to be obliged to follow requirements of this Statement of Privacy Policy.

I fully accept this Privacy Statement Policy of investment company Credos Ltd, Zagreb and give approval for the collection, processing, storage, use (including disclosure) and safekeeping of data, as indicated in this statement of the investment company CREDOS.

For all other questions please contact us.