’s state-of-the-art automated, algorithmic trading system allows you to take advantage of rapid signal technology, best pricing and dynamic market entry, 24 hours a day, in real time. Ideal for investors with limited time or minimal investment experience, our AlgoTrading software analyzes current market conditions, opening and closing positions, as well as setting stops and profit targets.


Maintain complete control over your investments, accessing your account at any time, to monitor the health of your portfolio. Our AloTrading system, marries a conservative approach that minimizes volatility, with a focus on optimized performance for long-term growth.


Our AlgoTrading software employs a variety of investment approaches to exploit market shifts including range bound cyclical trading, trend following and counter-trend trading strategies.

RISK MANAGEMENT’s advanced algorithmic trading technology automatically evaluates risk, and takes steps to mitigate your exposure, constantly reassessing and adjusting as market conditions change.


  • A completely automated trading process – analyzing, monitoring, strategizing & investing

  • Pattern identification & strategy modification with each trend reversal

  • Inner-market analysis of volume flow, market sentiment, cycles, volatility & price patterns

  • Ability to exploit falling market via short-selling & inverse exchange traded fund strategies

  • Instant trade execution & secure, rapidly-responding, dedicated private data servers