’s asset management team is comprised of highly qualified, licensed professionals. They work diligently to identify and take advantage of potentially lucrative investment opportunities, capitalizing on intermediate term price shifts to grow diverse and healthy portfolios for our clients. Open a managed account and exploit their wealth of knowledge and experience in utilizing both fundamental and technical analysis, as well global macro-investing strategy.


One of the main advantages of a managed account is that you don’t have to find the time to research the Forex and CFD markets, closely follow developing trends, monitor market fluctuations, or create multi-layered trading strategies. Just sit back and benefit from our veteran team’s skill and experience, as they expertly handle your investments.

FULLY LICENSED’s fully licensed asset managers are dedicated to optimizing your profit potential, and will bring their extensive, in-depth market knowledge to bear as they invest on your behalf.


You can access your managed account at any time, without requiring authorization, to monitor the progress of your personal investments and track the ongoing appreciation of your portfolio.


Our international team of asset managers has expertise investing in a broad selection of highly liquid financial markets. They have the necessary global experience to build you a far-reaching and varied portfolio, including multiple types of financial products from every corner of the map.