Trading Contracts for Difference (CFD’s) enables you to complete a virtual transaction, based on the fluctuating price of an underlying financial product, without having to buy the actual asset.  With CFD’s, you can grow your portfolio and managing your risk more effectively, spreading your investments across a range of global financial markets, and exploiting their varied trading conditions.

Invest in CFD’s with, and benefit from a wide array of investment opportunities. Trade an extensive selection of assets, including precious metals like gold and silver; indices from around the world, such as the DAX, or the Dow Jones; raw energy products like crude oil and natural gas; stocks like Apple and Alibaba; as well as agricultural commodities like wheat and sugar.

CFD’s can be traded around the clock, every hour that the global markets are open. You can buy or sell, without having to wait for the market conditions to change, benefiting from market movements in either direction, regardless of whether the price of your chosen asset is rising or falling.


RESEARCH TOOLS offers a wide variety of research tools to our traders. These resources include an economic calendar, a live streaming market feed, trading signals straight to your email, the latest financial news and analysis from around the world and more.



Invest in the global markets with and benefit from industry-leading trading terms including tight spreads on a wide choice of assets, flexible leverage, and narrow margins.



In addition to the array of top stocks, popular commodities and global indices offered on the platform, we also offer a broad choice of major, minor and exotic currency pairs.


Instrument (Platform Symbol) Spreads (in EUR/USD)** Leverage (up to)* Lot Settings (Size of 1Lot) Lot Settings (Min. Trade) Trading Hours (GMT)
Gilt10Y 0.06 1:100 1000 0.01 09:10-19:00
USBond5 0.06 1:100 1000 0.01 23:01-21:59
EUBond10 0.06 1:100 1000 0.01 07:00-21:00
USBond10 0.06 1:100 1000 0.01 23:01-21:59
USBond30 0.06 1:100 1000 0.01 23:01-21:59

Crypto currencies

Instrument (Platform Symbol) Spread (in USD)** Leverage (up to)* MT4 Lot Settings/Size of 1Lot MT4 Lot Settings/Min. Trade. Trading Hours (GMT)
BITCOIN Floating 10 100 0.01 24h
LITECOIN Floating 5 100 0.01 24h
ETHEREUM Floating 5 100 0.01 24h
RIPPLE Floating 5 10000 0.01 24h
BITCOINCASH Floating 5 100 0.01 24h